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Jennifer McGrath with her adorable new puppy spending time in the woods exploring

In case you were curious...

My name in Jennifer. I live in New Brunswick, Canada. I like animals, exploring the outdoors, and writing stories. Sometimes I make up silly poems. Scroll down for more FUN FACTS.

16 Fun facts about me

Jennifer McGrath spending time with Fiona, her beloved pony

1. My friends and family call me ‘Jen’ for short.
2. My last name is pronounced McGraw (the -th is silent).
3. I love animals of all kinds – especially dogs and ponies.
4. I also love goats.

5. My favourite colour is green.

6. And also teal.

7. Sometimes it’s orange.

I live by the
Petitcodiac River.


It's nicknamed the ‘Chocolate River’ because of its muddy colour.


I live near the Bay of Fundy. It has the highest tides in the world!


11. There are lots of wild places to explore where I live – including woods, caves, abandoned quarries, crumbling cliffs, and beaches with really weird rocks.

Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick

12. Many of these places end up in my books.

Chocolate River Cover NEW.jpg
WhiteCavecover 2018 NEW.jpg

13. (Ok, ALL of them end up in my books.)

14. (But not all of them end up in all of my books all of the time.)

15. I have a terrible sense of direction. Sometimes I get lost when I’m exploring.
16. But that’s okay because I usually find a story or two along the way.

Jennifer McGrath finding inspiration in the woods

Happy adventures in reading!

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