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Chocolate River Rescue

Jennifer McGrath

Grades 4-7 / Ages 9-12.

Tony, Craig, and Shawn are trapped on an ice floe on the Petitcodiac River in the dead of winter, and the rapid current is pulling them toward the ocean. Twelve-year-old Petra arrives and the boys think they’re saved, but their dangerous journey is only just beginning. WINNER of the Hackmatack Award. SHORTLISTED for the OLA Silver Birch Award, the Diamond Willow Award, and the Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award. Also available as an audiobook. Nimbus Publishing 2007


Chapters Indigo

“A fast-paced adventure story that will keep readers turning pages right to the ending.”

Canadian Teacher Magazine

“Chocolate River Rescue mixes adventure and humor with a little bit of New Brunswick history. Recommended.”

CM Magazine

“An amazing fast-paced, sit on the edge of your seat, suspenseful rescue. I couldn’t put the book down
until it was finished.”


“Chocolate River Rescue is a fast, exciting geronimo down a well-greased water slide…From the first chapter onwards the reader will find themselves caught up in a breathless adventure that begs to be read at a single go.”


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